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Author Topic: 69 Yamaha engine concerns  (Read 1731 times)
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« on: April 15, 2011, 01:47:26 AM »

Okay here's the story..........the short version...........

so I see this awesome enduro in my uncles shed and it's  "CLEAN" mustard yellow and chrome. we got to talking about it and finally I grew a pair and asked how much and he said 300$, I thought sold, then he goes on to tell me his boy got ahold of it while my unc went to the can he left it ideling and that boy revved the hell outta it and now the enging "don't work" and the rear wheel is sieze. okay sso heres my question. What are the chances that this engine is shot? can they be rebuilt? if shot ROUGHLY how much would a rebuilt yami 250 engine from around the genaral time era run me?

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« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2011, 09:05:31 PM »

How long as a piece of string??? can you rebuild it your self ie free labor??? are you good at sourcing parts from the internet??? or are you a total novice who will need someone to do the 'whole job'?

You say 69 'yamaha enduro' I will take a guess that its a DT250? If so it should not be a problem to rebuild the motor. I have no idea what this kid has done to it but it sounds like revved the sh&* out of it when it was cold and maybe nipped up the piston? Like i said theres not really much my self or anyone here can say to help you without seeing the bike and more often with these sort of things you just dont know what needs doing and how much it costs till your strip the engine down. Although we are in 2011 they have not invented x-ray googles for mechanics to be able to take a look inside the motor with it assembled. At a rough guess i would say your are up for a re-bore, piston, top end gaskets so approximately you may be up for minimum $50-$60 for rebore, $100 for a piston kit, $20 gaskets. They are very rough prices and i know if you look on ebay your can probably get a head and base gasket for under $10 and a piston kit for $70 or whatever, but know matter how you look at it if motor work needs doing you would be up for several $100 at least. Most places charge around $50-$70 hour labour, some will diagnose the problem for free.

Has this bike been in regular use?
Has it been sitting around for years?
Is it in original unrestored condition?

There is just so many things we dont know.

I would almost take a guess that theres a lot of oil leaks, the oils seals are hard and need replacing?? who knows, it could be a can of worms and as soon as you touch one thing you keep finding other things that should be fixed and then the whole thing snowballs..

So without really knowing what model you have i will take a risk and say im pretty sure you can rebuilt that motor no worries but i can not be 100% sure on that. Some of those 60's yamahas are starting to get hard to get parts for and you can not just ring up Yamaha for bits and you need to source bits via specialist Vintage yamaha sites that have NOS parts. In the end, you can pretty much rebuild anything but some just take longer as you gotta hunt around the globe for parts or maybe you need to custom make parts etc etc. But the engine may not be damaged at all and the bike could have just 'stopped' because he revved it and the throttle cable snapped and or the throttle slide has jammed???. You say the rear wheel doesnt turn. Is this because theres something broken in the gear box? Is it in gear and the pistons siezed in the bore which is stopping the rear wheel turning? is the drive chain all rusted up and tight or wrapped around the front sprocket? So many unknowns to people reading Your post.

Im sorry i can not help you much more at this point going from the little info you have supplied. Your 'long version' would have been much better than the 'short version' Grin I would say the best thing to do is to take the bike to a local mechanic to diagnose which will be a lot easier than trying to get help from here, but if you can come back with some very detailed specifics on what the bike is (photo woudl be good0 and more details on what exactly happened then maybe i can help you more.

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